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We are passionate about helping NZ businesses get organised with their business administration and seeing effective results achieved. Our experienced team undertakes cloud-based software implementation in conjunction with ongoing training and support; as well as providing accounting, payroll and HR services for a diverse range of clients situated throughout the North Island.

We provide clients with:
Peace of Mind - confidence that information is accurate and up to date
Sounding Board - practical and operational advice that works 
Sensible Systems - ensuring clean data, compliance, streamlined processes

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For further information, please consult us at info@jbsl.co.nz or use our contact form.

For JBSL clients who use Receipt Bank

receipt bank

"Leaine is a hard-working, honest, trustworthy and professional worker. I have recommended Leaine to a number of my clients who are all very happy with her work and ability. Leaine has excellent experience and can provide a range of skills including knowledge on a numb... read more »

Christine Garrett

Managing Director, Beenz & Bytes

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